NESSIE Soft Play...

8 pieces, unlimited possibilities!

Build a Tower

Teaches children how to stack!

Obstacle Course

Teaches balance & coordination!

Build a Tunnel or Drive a Car

You can do anything with NESSIE!

Build a Shop

Encourages team-playing!

• Learn Through Play: Meets Early Years education criteria

• Transforms into anything that children want her to be

• Improves social, emotional & sensory development

• Excellent for language & communication

• Ideal for balance, spatial awareness & motor skills development

• Encourages team-playing

• Packs away easily for storing

• Stretches children’s imaginations

• Can be used indoors & outside

• Wipes clean

Features & Benefits

“Nessie is the children’s friendly monster who enjoys being climbed on. It helps their co-ordination and is great for tummy time, helping them develop in all areas of EYFS. The 3-5 years use Nessie for exploring. She is fun & friendly, and a fantastic resource to encourage communication and language, and to develop imagination and sharing skills.”

-Toadhall nursery, Langley